I got married

September 30, 2017 I married my handsome husband Pete. We had a 3 month engagement, so planning was fast and furious, but I loved planning an event that represented us both and gave our family and friends a good time. 

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I have been visualizing a look and feel for my hypothetical wedding for a long time. I am not the type of girl who dreamed about fairy tale weddings, but I am the type of girl who dreams of color palettes and design elements.

Pete is outdoorsy and loves classic things. I love flowers and natural elements. Neither of us like things that are too glam or elegant. We wanted a wedding that had plenty of natural materials, and a more casual fun bright look. 

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I knew the types of flowers I wanted in my wedding bouquet right away. I have always loved King proteas, I used them as a focal point and built elements around them. Blue thistle was used to tie in our color palette, hypericum berries and and greens to add more dimension. Photos I took of these flowers were used for our invitations and website design. This set the floral theme for our wedding.

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 Screen printed floral design, tea towel party favor.


The Downtown Market Greenhouse, Grand Rapids, MI. Background of greenery mixed with windows, letting in natural light.

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For the bridal party we choose to have our sisters stand up with us. They were all to pick a different floral patterned dress, for a more natural eclectic look. I love the way the dresses looked together. We loved getting to spend the day with our beautiful sisters, themed perfectly.