Planning a wedding in 3 months

Pete and I got engaged in the beginning of July and got married at the end of September, thats just under 3 months. Looking back its hard to believe we were able to plan a full wedding in that time. We knew we didn't want a long engagement and we also didn't want to get married when it was cold outside. That did not leave many options for dates, luckily our families were both up for the quick planning. I think my dad was kind of excited for the challenge of a quick timeline. He is great at organizing and he and my mom were so supportive through the whole process.

Pete and I had a basic idea of how we wanted our wedding to look and feel and from there we had to make quick decisions and move on then to the next thing. Even though it was a lot of work I had a blast planning our day.

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One of the first things I knew I had to do was find a dress. I called around to a few local bridal shops and realized getting a dress in time would be very hard to do. I decided to get a dress from  BHLDN which is Anthropologie's bridal line. You can order dresses online and your dress comes in the mail in a matter of a week or two, leaving me plenty of time to get alterations. My mom, sister and I went to their store in Chicago to try on dresses. Its a gorgeous store. It was a great way to still get the experience of wedding dress shopping and get a dress very quickly. 

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The next thing I need to have nailed down was the venue. Originally we thought about having an outdoor wedding at my parent's cottage, but after thinking more about it we realized it could be risky for weather, and stressful for my parents. We ended up deciding to go with The Downtown Market. We got married in the greenhouse which gave us some of the same feel because it has lots of natural light and greenery. They were wonderful to work with and the venue was beautiful.

Because our wedding timeline was so quick we knew it would be difficult to find a venue in that amount of time. We decided to have a morning wedding, which we thought would be something fun and different.

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Because we did a morning wedding we decided to do a brunch buffet and a mimosa and bloody mary bar. The downtown Market took care of the drinks and did a great job putting together everything we needed.

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For catering we went with Vault Catering. Their coordinator was so easy to work with and they were very helpful in creating a unique menu for our brunch wedding. We did chicken and waffles, parfait, quiche, and fruit.

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For desert we decided to do donuts. They fit with the morning theme, and Pete's favorite treat is a good long john. We went to Marge's Donut Den.  My friends still talk about how good the donuts were. They are a mom and pop shop, so the look wasn't anything to flashy I had to work with them to get the style I wanted and I had to have other people set them up, because their set up style was not what I wanted but the quality and price was so good.

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The flowers were a no brainer for me. In college I worked for Eastern Floral, so using them as my florist was an obvious choice. They do an amazing job and working with their wedding team was fun and so easy. They got my style immediately and went above and beyond. They did my bouquet, all the floral crowns and boutonnieres and did the table decor as well.

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Vintage glassware was a touch that we wanted to add color to the tables but also was in memory of Pete's grandma. She passed away earlier that year and one of his main memories of her home is all the colored glass she collected. We borrowed some of the glass from friends, collected some at thrift shops and rented some from JME Decor. 

I also designed a custom screen printed tea towel for the guests that added color to the tables as well. Silkscreen Marketing did the printing for us.

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To capture our day we had Tina Rae Photo did the photography. She was a dream to work with and to get to know. We love looking back at our day through her lense.

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My hair and makeup was done by Rachel from Pure Salon. She is my regular stylist and did an amazing job of making me looks good at 6 in the morning.

Our wedding was even better than I had imagined all the planning and hard work made for such a special day I could not have done it without lots of help and great vendors. And now I get to enjoy life with my main man and look back at all the great memories.


I got married

September 30, 2017 I married my handsome husband Pete. We had a 3 month engagement, so planning was fast and furious, but I loved planning an event that represented us both and gave our family and friends a good time. 

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I have been visualizing a look and feel for my hypothetical wedding for a long time. I am not the type of girl who dreamed about fairy tale weddings, but I am the type of girl who dreams of color palettes and design elements.

Pete is outdoorsy and loves classic things. I love flowers and natural elements. Neither of us like things that are too glam or elegant. We wanted a wedding that had plenty of natural materials, and a more casual fun bright look. 

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I knew the types of flowers I wanted in my wedding bouquet right away. I have always loved King proteas, I used them as a focal point and built elements around them. Blue thistle was used to tie in our color palette, hypericum berries and and greens to add more dimension. Photos I took of these flowers were used for our invitations and website design. This set the floral theme for our wedding.

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Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 1.13.50 PM.png

 Screen printed floral design, tea towel party favor.


The Downtown Market Greenhouse, Grand Rapids, MI. Background of greenery mixed with windows, letting in natural light.

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For the bridal party we choose to have our sisters stand up with us. They were all to pick a different floral patterned dress, for a more natural eclectic look. I love the way the dresses looked together. We loved getting to spend the day with our beautiful sisters, themed perfectly.

Frances Jaye in the spring

Andrea and I were so excited to help Jenny with another window for Frances Jaye this spring. She was really inspired by florals and spring colors and wanted us to create a garden for her windows. We created floral chains hung them through the windows to create an airy spring look for the store.

We mixed in large florals that we hand painted and attached them to the heads of the mannequins. 

We loved the way this turned out, and I personally love the flower heads! Make sure to check out Frances Jaye here, or next time your downtown Holland.

Groovy Blog

Writing scares me wee bit, but here I am starting to blog! Even though this is intimidating I am excited to get this ball rolling. I love the idea of having a place to practice my writing, to share what projects I am working on, workshops I have taken, or things I find that are worth sharing. 

This summer has been crazy busy with weddings a spending as much time in water as I can, But I am starting up some new fun projects. Fresh Cut Type is something I am just getting started with. I love working with flowers, so that is going to be a blast to continue posting about. 

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